185            STANLEY GOLDFINCH

Bill thick; second and third quills equal, first little shorter. Male with the upper part of the head black, the back and scapulars yellowish-green, faintly streaked with dusky, the rump inclining to greenish-yellow; the wings and tail black; the former, when extended, crossed by two bands, one greenish-yellow, tipping the first row of small coverts, the other bright yellow, and broad at the base of the primary and secondary quills; tail also yellow in its basal third, except on the middle feather; lower parts greenish-yellow, fading into white on the abdomen; feathers on the throat black at the base; lower tail-coverts yellow, tipped with white, and having a central dusky streak. Female dull yellowish-green above, faintly streaked with dusky, paler beneath.

In this species, which I have named in honour of the illustrious Earl of Derby, the bill is so thick and short, as to approach in form to that of the European Greenfinch.

Male, 4 9/12 inches long; wing from flexure 2 10/10; found in Upper California.