The only specimen of this Flycatcher in my possession was given to me by my esteemed friend THOMAS NUTTALL, Esq., who procured it in North California, but was unable to give me any account of its habits. It has been briefly characterized by Mr. SWAINSON in his Synopsis of the Birds of Mexico.

TYRANNULA NIGRICANS, Swains. Syn. of Mex. Birds, Phil. Mag. N. S., vol. i. p. 367.
ROCKY-MOUNTAIN FLYCATCHER, Muscicapa nigricans, Aud. Orn. Biog., vol. v. p. 302.

Third quill longest, second and fourth a little shorter, first and sixth about equal; tail very slightly emarginate; head, hind neck, fore part of back, fore neck, a portion of the head, and sides, dark sooty brown; the rest of the upper parts greyish-brown; secondary coverts tipped, and secondaries margined with greyish-white, of which colour is the greater part of the outer web of the lateral tail-feathers; middle of breast, abdomen, and lower tail-coverts white; lower wing-coverts greyish-brown, edged with white.

Male, 7, wing 3 (7 1/2)/12.

Mexico and California. Rare. Migratory. SWAMP OAK.

QUERCUS AQTUATICA, WATER OAK, Mich. Arb. Forest., vol. ii. p. 90, Pl. 17. --MONOECIA POLYANDRIA, Linn.--AMENTACEAE, Juss.

Leaves oblongo-cuneate, tapering at the base, rounded or apiculate, sometimes three-lobed.