The only individual of this species that I have ever seen is a female, which was shot near the Columbia river, and kindly transmitted to me by my friend Mr. TOWNSEND, after whom, not finding any description of it, I have named it. The genus, which was instituted by Mr. SWAINSON, is very remarkable, combining, as it appears to me, the characters of some of the Flycatchers and Thrushes.

TOWNSEND's PTILOGONYS, Ptilogonys Townsendi, Aud. Orn. Biog., vol. v. p. 206.

General colour dull brownish-grey; quills and coverts dusky brown; edge of wing dull white; basal part of primaries pale yellow, of secondaries ochre-yellow; edges of all the quills dull greyish-white; secondaries with a faint patch of light brownish-grey on the outer web toward the end; middle tail-feathers greyish-brown, the rest blackish-brown, the outer with an oblique white space, including, from the tip, a considerable portion of the inner web, and more than two-thirds of the outer; the next with a white patch at the end; lower parts paler than the upper; lower tail and wing-coverts broadly tipped with dull white, some of the inner wing-coverts white.

Female, 8 1/4, wing, 4 1/2.

Columbia river.